About Us

Hi!, My name is Christy McLennan, I am the owner of Furry Angels Pet Sitting.  I have been a pet sitter for 10 years.

I searched for and found a Lhasa Apso named CG, she is the reason I became interested in dogs, She helped me find out my passion is Pets.  I became a pet groomer, a petsitter, and a dog trainer.

She is also why I named the business Furry Angels,  I believe that angels come in different shapes and sizes and covered in fur.  She is my Angel  and I LOVE HER!

My staff and I will care for your “Furry Angels”  as if they were our own.  I have had cats all my life and have always loved cats but CG is my first dog. She helped me find my Passion and Purpose in life.

me and cg 2